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Private Investigator Plantation, Fl

US-IL Investigations Inc. dba Private Investigator Plantation, FL offers an extensive range of comprehensive investigative services including:

Infidelity Investigation:
From a simple "need-to-know" basis to a complex divorce case, the investigators employed by US-IL Investigations Inc. have all the tools and training needed to provide you with the proof you need to confirm an affair. During the free consultation, your suspicions will be examined and a personalized plan of action will be developed. 

Child Custody/Child support: Our goal is to provide evidence which will influence the court's decision in your favor regarding custody or child support.  Various methods used include surveillance, in which a full report including all videotape and photo evidence is provided for your records and the Court's, and background checks. 

Background Check: Skilled and trained screeners review and analyze all background check submissions for positive identification matches. We confirm any questionable or felony criminal history data, including contacting individual probation and parole officers nationally and in US protectorates and county courts. Extensive employee screening is offered with services being legally obtained by requesting the prospective employee to sign a release form provided by us.

Undercover Operation: Our undercover investigation services include (but are not limited to)undercover investigation, hidden camera installation and monitoring, undercover sting operations, employee theft, violation of a non-compete, investigation consulting, fraud detection and litigation support. 
We have extensive contacts in every area of undercover operations. If your case requires some specialization that we lack, we can act as your investigation consultants and manage these additional professionals for you.

Hidden Camera: A hidden camera could be your best friend when it comes to your privacy and safety. If you’re worried about what’s going on when you’re away, a hidden camera will reveal everything you want to know and give you the evidence necessary to resolve the problem.

Insurance Fraud: As experienced fraud investigators, we conduct the investigation and research that identifies 
and documents fraudulent claims whether you need SUB ROSA surveillance, AOE/COE (new case investigation and evaluation), background research, trial testimony or any other related service, we have the experience and organization to deliver air tight evidence that wins worker compensation and liability cases.

Assets search: Does someone owe you money? By hiring us we will help you make sure you know what their assets are and have evidence of them.

Counter Intelligence: You may have business strategies, trade secrets or many other types of information your competitors would love to have. And often, they’ll use unlawful methods to attempt to obtain that information. Our countermeasure professionals have conducted successful bug sweeps. We are well-trained and well equipped to ensure the absolute highest level of service. Acoustic leak is part of our sweep.

Computer Forensics: In basic terms, computer forensics is considered to be the use of analytical and investigative techniques to identify, collect, examine and preserve evidence/information which is magnetically stored or encoded. A forensic investigation can be initiated for a variety of reasons. The most high profile are usually with respect to criminal investigation, or civil litigation, but digital forensic techniques can be of value in a wide variety of situations, including perhaps, simply re-tracking steps taken when data has been lost. Common scenarios are employee internet abuse, unauthorized disclosure of corporate date, industrial espionage, damage assessment, criminal fraud and more. US-IL Investigations Inc. has an expert computer forensics team. 

Forensic Accounting: Forensic accounting is accounting that is suitable for legal review having been arrived at in a scientific fashion. That is, it's sufficiently thorough and complete so that an accountant, in his/her considered independent professional judgment, can deliver a finding as to accounts, inventories, or the presentation thereof that is of such quality that it would be sustainable in some adversarial legal proceeding, or within some judicial or administrative review. The primary orientation of forensic accounting is explanatory analysis (cause & effect) of phenomena - including the discovery of deception and its effects - introduced into an accounting system domain. US-IL Investigations Inc's expert forensics team conducts forensic investigations, forensics audits, internal/external audits and litigation support. 

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